Master Life Discipleship Class
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Master life is a course study in Christian discipleship. This may be the single most important ministries we have at Eleventh Avenue. Many in our congregation have completed this course and all have said it was a life changing experience.


To be more specific, Christian discipleship is developing a personal, lifelong, obedient relationship with Jesus Christ in which he transforms your character into Christlikeness; changes your values into kingdom values; an involves YOU in HIS mission in the home, the church and the world.


Who can attend?

Anyone may attend and everyone is encouraged to take part. However, we have a sign up period for each class. After the deadline materials are ordered and the class is then closed for all but the group currently signed up.


When do they meet?

We have offered classes at all sorts of various times to accommodate different schedules but typically we offer these classes on Sunday afternoons 4:30 to 6:00 P.M.


Where do they meet?

All the meetings are on the 11th Avenue campus in various class rooms.


What is a meeting like?

Meetings are an in depth bible study with others who are also eager to learn more about what Gods plan is in their life. The meetings are not formal. Meetings have lot of casual but confidential conversation which builds a strong bond between the members of the group. Each class is a little different but all share the common goal of becoming more Christ like.


How long do they last?

Each class is 1-1/2 hours long and the course takes 6 months to complete. It is a commitment that you would not be sorry for.


Is there a fee associated with the class?

There is a cost of $30.00 for a set of 4 books you can keep for future study or reference. After completion of each book a certificate of accomplishment is awarded to each member.


Who can I contact about learning more?

For more information please email your contact info to


Sunday Schedule
Sunday School- 10 Am
Sunday Worship- 11AM
Sunday Night Service- 6PM

Other Times
Wednesday Night/ Awana service- 7PM

Address:  2550 South Dalton Bypass
                  Dalton, GA 30720
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