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All men, young and old, are invited and encouraged to attend the our brotherhood breakfast, the third Sunday of each month at 8am. We may occasionally change when it has a conflict with a holiday or other event. Please refer to our church calendar each month to be certain.


What is a meeting like?

The meetings are very informal. We start with a blessing over the breakfast and after a few minutes for everyone to eat and fellowship a bit we have a guest speaker. The types of speakers range from preachers to a teenagers testimony. We close with prayer requests and everyone is dismissed.


How long does a meeting last?

While the length of the meetings varies we are usually finished in about an hour to an hour and a half.


Where are the events held?

The fellowship hall in the rear of the church is the current location of the meetings.


Is there a dress code?

We have no dress code. It is a come as you are meeting. Some may be wearing overalls, others in camo and a few might be dressed a little more formal. It is totally your preference and no one will really be concerned with what you wear at all.


Can I come as a visitor or is it members only?

Everyone is welcome, members are encouraged to bring guests and invite others to attend.


Is there a fee for attending?

There is no fee or any other cost for attending. All we ask for is a smile and a handshake.


Who can I contact for more information?

The directors for the brotherhood fellowship are Mike Dyer and Walt Scott- you may email them at


Sunday Schedule
Sunday School- 10 Am
Sunday Worship- 11AM
Sunday Night Service- 6PM

Other Times
Wednesday Night/ Awana service- 7PM

Address:  2550 South Dalton Bypass
                  Dalton, GA 30720
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